Jul 19, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast of Spanish Chorizo, Garlic and Eggs

After our failed attempt at finding chorizo at the farmer's market (see last post), Kiran and I decided to stop by Bay City Deli on Lincoln avenue for a last ditch effort. Fortunately, we found the Spanish chorizo behind the display counter. Unfortunately, we had to wait for thirty minutes behind the mob of BC loyalists ordering their weekend sandwiches and alongside the cornucopia of Italian deli meats and
salads proudly displayed by this Santa Monica food  institution. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!

This is chef Spanish chef Jose Andres's recipe and as soon as I saw how he made it, I knew that this recipe is going to be part of my repertoire of delicious dishes. This is absolutely a delicious way to start your weekend.

Spanish Chorizo and Eggs

Separate the eggs - the egg whites in a bowl and the yolk saved inside a
half shell.

Saute garlic cloves on olive oil. The Spaniards like the garlic with skin
on, but I decided that my breakfast guests would enjoy it better without.
Once brown, set aside the garlic.
On a separate pan, fry the egg whites in olive oil in single batches. Fry
both sides. Add salt and pepper. When cooked, set it aside on a warm plate 
in the oven. Make enough patties for the number of guests for breakfast 
and just stack them on the plate. 
Meanwhile, slice the chorizo and saute in the garlic olive oil with fresh
thyme and pepper. Halfway through, add the cooked garlic to the pan.
For plating, add each raw yolk to each cooked egg white patty. One or
two per patty. Add the cooked chorizo, garlic and thyme to the patty.
Sppon a little hot oil to each yolk to cook the yolk. Done.


Sue said...

Gotta love a new dish with Chorizo. My egg & chorizo recipe is definitely getting an upgrade to this one. Very elegant but looks easy. Thanks George!

My Hotel Life said...

Send me a picture when you make it.