Jul 2, 2010

The High Performance Meeting

The Events and Food and Beverage teams at the JW Marriott at LA Live sure know how to turn an all day meeting into a sensory spectacle. I knew it wasn't going to be a typical business-as-usual meeting day when I walked in the meeting room for our group of about fifty JW Marriott general managers, regional teams and national public relations partners and the lights in the meeting room were staged, soft up tempo music was playing , white flowers on the table, candles and a breakfast buffet designed to be simply admired.

For our morning break, the culinary team brought out a tantalizing fruit and juice display of fresh, dried and "wet," a visually clever idea to refresh the body. But it was the lunch display that blew me away for its visual appeal and
thoughtful design. Bowls of individually assorted lettuces and an array of toppings opened up the buffet. We were like kids in a candy store but instead of sugary snacks, it was healthful indulgences. Artfully displayed proteins of tuna, salmon, crab and beef were set to nourish without overstuffing. And the dessert portion of the buffet, with it's imaginative twists to comfort baked goods such as doughnuts and cupcakes, were academy awards worthy. I looked at my plate and it was a farmer's market delight with green lettuces, red roasted peppers, yellow baby carrots and soft pink salmon. Healthfully intentional. It was truly magnificent.

And the WOW's kept coming when the banquet team rolled our afternoon break of cheeses, dried fruits, chutneys and mini beverages displayed alongside a curved tree branch to add to the table flair. Sure, the hotel team brought out their A-game for their top peers, however, I peeked at other meeting displays near our's and the food presentations were just as eventful. I also need to mention the anticipatory service  delivered by the JW associates throughout the day were obviously delivered with genuine intent. A huge bravo to the events, culinary and banquet teams at the JW Marriott at LA Live for showing us how all day meetings should be done. Shouldn't meetings always be this fantastic? It is at the JW.

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jimmyle said...

that looks awesome! love the healthy snacks!they did such a wonderful job w/ the presentations!