Jul 16, 2010

Father's Office - The Best Burger in Los Angeles?

Angelenos swear by Father's Office's beef burger as the best in town. Los Angeles magazines ranks it up there in the stratosphere. This heavenly burger with gruyere, Maytag blue, caramelized onions, arugula and served on a slice of baguette is LAs equivalent to Chi-town's deep dish pizza. At $12.50 a pop, plus
extra for the sweet potato or regular fries. It's almost $20 out-the-door. So with all the hype, my expectations for the FO burger was high. And the verdict...it's good but not memorable. I  would have enjoyed it more if the bread was toasted and if the chef cooked my burger medium-rare as requested.  We did order seven burgers, and perhaps, the chef in the kitchen didn't pay as much attention to the little details. I don't think that "love" was not there when the kitchen produced the burgers. You can just tell. I'm sure that I will be LA's Public Enemy No. 1 for my testimony but I definitely have had much better burgers elsewhere.

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