Jul 12, 2010

The Best Place to People Watch - Venice Beach

A performer flips over nine kids and one adult as part of his group's
finale performance.

You can't beat the people watching in Venice Beach where everything goes is expected. This is a Southern California tradition, especially on the weekends when throngs of visitors pack the beachfront sidewalk to witness the wacky and the weird in one big dose. If you can spare a couple of hours on your
next trip to LA, don't miss out on the cheapest entertainment around. See for yourself.

The understatement of the year
A lone biker pushes off his bike in front of this mural
The Golden Boy of Venice
This guy and his dog are done for the day
The weirdest house ever. I can't even imagine what the inside looks like
The weird...
...and the wacky!
Who buys these things?
Margaux with the Weed Man!
Just steps from all the people watching is one of the best beaches 
in Souther California
Nice pots
Cheap hotel on the Venice strip
These two really took their roles seriously
The main drag
Good comfort food everywhere
Apartment building
Marilyn loves LA
Restaurant all fresco grilling next to a dumpster. The food actually
looked really good.
The Clown and Ballerina outfit says it all.

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