Jun 20, 2010

Father's Day Meal Part 1: Brunch at Bloom

Baked French Toast with Poached Raisins and Butter Pecan Syrup

There's no question that Chef Chad Miller of Bloom can cook. My wife and I first tried his cooking when he and his wife opened the original Bloom on Cherry street in Eastown a couple of years back. The original location reminded me so much of Brooklyn restaurants before the borough became a hip place to eat in NYC. Independent restauranteurs and chefs migrated from Manhattan and opened shop in tiny empty storefronts, bringing life and activity to the once ugly sister of the culinary capital of the United States. The once heartless neighborhoods of Brooklyn can now stand face to face with their Manhattan counterparts. Two of my favorites, The Grocery in Carroll Gardens and Marlow & Sons in South Williamsburg, are still tops on many critic's list. Bloom was destined to be the neighborhood restaurant I wanted nearby. With it's beyond tiny open kitchen greeting each diner, the old Bloom was a charming neighborhood gem, despite the ceiling that leaked in the corner booth when it rained. Ahh, character.

Instead of staying put in Eastown, Bloom went the opposite way and migrated to a pie-shaped downtown restaurant location where its previous tenants failed to make ends meet. The charming feel of the original is replaced with a loft like setting with cold red floor tiles. Bloom has tried to cozy things up but the space just doesn't have the soul of the original. It is two small blocks too far from where the action is downtown, across from the central police headquarters. Perhaps, that's the culprit.

With the exception of an office team lunch when Bloom first moved downtown, I haven't been back. But several friends highly suggested trying Bloom's brunch for father's day, and after salivating on the menu online, reservations were placed for a 1:15 date with Chad Miller's brunch specialties. While I'm still not a fan of the location and the interiors, thank God, the food is delicious.

The crispy pork belly with creamy cheddar grits is an exceptional dish. The baked french toast, a George Aquino specialty, is phenomenal at Bloom. With the exception of the overly toasted sourdough on the benedict and eggs scramble dish, every dish that we tasted was worthy of a return visit. And yes, even if we have to look at the police station across the street in between courses. 

The storefront on Monroe stret
The fabulous Pork Belly with White Cheddar Grits and 
Pickled Apple Vinaigrette
Bloom Benedict: Sourdough, two Fried Eggs, Bacon, Swiss Chard,
Sweet Potato Hollandaise
Crepe with Banana, Nutella and Whip Cream
Bloom Bloody Mary
Fingerling Potatoes with Pearl Onions, Butternut, Bacon,
Fired Egg and Spicy Kethcup
Eggs Scramble with Asparagus, Bacon, Grassfed Cheddar,
Green Onions on toasted Sourdough
Fruit Salad Bowl
Interion Sign
Mixed Mushroom Omelet with Goat Cheese, Onion and Toast

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