May 4, 2010

United Way's Superfriendz launch with JW Chef School

Culinary team members, Sean and Jacob, flock 
Superfriendz Laura, Julie and Super Dre in the kitchen

I just can't tell you enough how amazing a JW Chef School experience is - especially when you gather the community's top social media personalities and generational leaders for an hour long epic battle of culinary skills and endless jousts of words from the opposing teams. 

The Heart of Michigan United Way's Superfriendz entered the JW Kitchen Stadium to a boisterous crowd of JW associates led by Chef Andrew Voss. After explaining the rules and the expectations for  the event, the group was split up into two teams, assigned culinary coaches and off they went into the kitchen battlefield. As to not tip the teams too much based on my experience with judging the event, I "volunteered" to be the DJ in the kitchen - a tough assignment given that the group consists of the two top DJ's in the area, Todd Ernst and Super Dre. I believe I was able to hold my own as a former "beat mixin'" DJ in college.

Though one team had to win (Team Six One Sexy), there was no question with the group that this team building event was one of the most unique experiences available in the area. The Superfriendz thank the JW Marriott Grand Rapids, Chef Andrew Voss, food and beverage directors, Darin Jemison and Phil Weaver, and the culinary and banquet teams for the hotel.

For more information about hosting a JW Chef School for your company, friends and family, please email Mr. Phil Weaver at or call 616.242.1500.

This ceviche got rave reviews from the judges

Rob savors a juicy pineapple
Don "Big Daddy" Mackenzie preps the marinade for the flank steak
Margaux shares a laugh with Super Dre
Flank steak with parsnip mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini by team "Culinary Cassanova"
Summer kabobs by team "Six One Sexy"
Our celebrity foodie judges: Claudia Petrelli, Ashley Cole & Jai Jung
Super Dre jams on the cutting table
Jimmy seasons the flank steak
Todd, Ryan, Julie nad MIchael sets up for the judges
Judge Jai shows Paul the dull edge of a knife!
The judges and Chef Andrew critique the dishes while GR Social Diary's
 Michael Buck listens in on the discussion
I was the "house" DJ for the event
Laura, Super Dre and Julie
Scott Erickson films the action in the grill station
Rob methodically cuts a pineapple
Superfriendz Rob, Laura, Don, Margaux, Josh, Paul and Michael 
eagerly await the winner of the competition from Chef Andrew
Julie mashes walnuts for the salad
Margaux explains the dishes for her team, Culinary Cassanova, as Laura and Pete look on
Six One Sexy's Asian inspired entree
Videographer Scott Erickson with Pete, Josh and Margaux

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