May 20, 2010

Tell me if my shirt is worth your support!

Now, that's what I call a D-I-S-C-O shirt!

The Dancing with the Make-A-Wish Stars event at St. Cecilia Music Center has finally arrived. Yes, I'm a little crazy for donning this psychedelic disco shirt! But I have to remind myself that I'm doing this to raise awareness and money for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan. Life is too short to worry about your looks for an event like this. Tonight is about having fun for the sake of the kids.

Join me and fellow local celebrities (DJ Super Dre, East GR coach Peter Stuursma, Lowell coach, Noel Dean, GRPD's, Ralph Mason, City Commissioner, Rosalynn Bliss, Radio Personality, iSteve) as we duke it out on the dance floor. A special thanks to Casey Reed of Salsalogy Dance Academy for finding professional dance partners who have been more than patient in helping us come up with that one perfect routine for the evening. Of course, a special thanks goes to my partner, Molly Thompson, for being such a great sport and a pleasant partner on the dance floor. Molly, you're the best!

Thanks to DJ Todd Ernst for painstakingly mixing our song for this evening - it will be rockin' inside St. Cecilia!

I also want to thank all the well wishers for all the warm support. I am deeply honored to have received so many financial donations for my efforts from friends and colleagues. You guys are fantastic and a true testament to the generosity of our community.

These are my ROCK STARS to date:

Janet Korn
Becky Ernst
Michael Ramirez
Jeanne Englehart
Dan Clappison
Steve Glass
Michael De Meyer
Mike Hughes
Bud Deppe
Audrey and Josh Depenbrok
Jennifer Crowley
Azizah Hines
Julie and Greg Hoelscher
MUSE Boutique
Alticor Corporate Enterprises
Jim and Barb Weaver
Frank Sorochinsky
Dan Dershem
Mike Bigford
David Nichol
Fritz Beirmeister
John Hare
Van Edgerton
Doug Dozeman
Nancy Ayres
Bob Herr
Bob Koch
Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative
Mark Michon
Don "Big Daddy" MacKenzie
Tami Sytsma

With this outfit, my efforts are definitely worth the equivalent of a couple of drinks at Mixology! To donate, just CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE GEORGE AQUINO'S DISCO EFFORT!

You may also text your vote by texting keyword GEORGE to 27722. Your phone bill will charged $10 per vote.

The event starts at 6PM this evening at St. Cecilia's for hors d'oeuvres, drinks and silent auction. The dance competition starts at 8 PM. There are also tickets still remaining to this much anticipated event. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS to purchase tickets to the event.

Mixology Lounge in the JW Marriott will be the gathering place after the event.


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