Apr 22, 2010

Hotel Monaco Alexandria

The rich and deep colors in the lobby of the Hotel Monaco Alexandria inspired the photography. I just love hotel lobbies when the little details are intentional; from the Arabic inspired coasters, to the set of  alizarin vases above the fireplace to the soft white orchids in the restrooms. It is pleasant to see a boutique hotel where the designers did not forget that the lobby must be inviting to the guests. I've been to too many hotels where the designer's desire to be hip and fashionable have resulted in an ambiance more fitting a stuffy retail shop. Design must have a purpose.

The Hotel Monaco Alexandria has a rich history dating back to the beginning of the civil war. According to the hotel website, "The hotel sits on the site of the former Marshall House, the location of the beginning of the Civil War. On May 24, 1861, an altercation between the innkeeper, secessionist James W. Jackson, and Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, leader of the 11th New York Infantry "Fire Zouaves," led to a melee and both men became the first two martyrs of the Civil War."

The lesson here: don't mess with the hotel guys!

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Viviene Tan said...

Wow! I really like the ambiance of this Monaco Alexandria Hotel thus, wishing someday I will experience to stay in this hotel someday. Thanks for sharing this and I am hoping that you will be posting more on hotels.