Feb 14, 2010

GR Symphony Rocks The Little Black Dress

The Grand Rapids Symphony's surprise grand staircase performance with DJ Todd Ernst didn't just rock the house, it elevated the symphony to "cool" status with the millennial and Gen X crowd at the first ever Little Black Dress party at the JW this past Valentine's weekend. 

"No one expected the symphony to jive to a dance tune," says LBD promoter Jimmy Le. " It just blew everybody away."

The Opera Grand Rapids also passed the "hip" status when one of their very own opera singers took the grand staircase down, step by step, while performing the classic "All the jazz." 

This whole event was a collaboration between the JW and the group, Culture and Cocktails, as a way to promote the cultural venues in the city by attracting the millennial and Gen X groups to join peers to a cultural package of five shows for the 2010 season.

The city socialites, once again, didn't disappoint by showing in full force to this event held in the hotel's grand staircase area. The city restaurants and hotels were buzzing as if it was New Year's eve all over. From the Glitter Ball to the Juice Ball to the Little Black Dress - it just shows that there is no stopping the Grand Rapids' party scene. I don't even want to imagine what Grand Rapids would be like when the economy improves. Hang on GR. More parties to come...

Emily Richett and Claudia Petrelli
G-Money rockin' to MJ
Frank Merlotti and Jimmy Le
Opera Grand Rapids' "All That Jazz"
The MacKenzie's and Crowley's
Dr. Byron Torres and Jai Yung
Pete Brand and Laura Caprara
Becky Ernst and Michelle Bayink
The GR Symphony's surprise performance
The girls and their LBD's
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Selmon
Kurt Lacks and Jenna Centa
The GR Symphony "Rock Stars"
Luba Saamrick, Rachelle Brown and Elena Aquino
Raquel Salas and her entourage
Dan Krauth, Emily Richett and Jimmy Le
Julie Regan RJ Regan, Susan Merlotti
Rose Derks and Marilyn Peiffer
The debonaire Ryan Slusarzyk and friends


Shannon said...

This party was a blast from beginning to end. Can't wait until the next J.W. Marriott/GR Symphony collaboration!

Jimmy said...

Well received. My hat off to the J.W. GR Symphony and everyone who worked hard to make this a great party.

Emily Richett said...

Elegance. The JW & Jimmy Le always host the perfect event that makes for a memorable evening. Thank you!!

Jolon Hull said...

What a great night! Todd & the Symphony were amazing together!