Feb 19, 2010

DJ Jef Leppard and The Rocket Lounge

We knew we were in the right place when the entire packed house at Louie's Rocket Lounge on Bridge St. were belting their smoked filled lungs to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart with so much gusto and enough determination to shed Bonnie's hair-sprayed big hair off her skull.  The praise goes to DJ Jef Leppard, a cigar-smoking, retro dj who is rumored to be driving around the streets of GR in his Ford Pinto - a totally 80's classic clunker of a car - but a perfect companion for this bigger than life video-DJ. 

I always like discovering an entirely different crowd from what I am accustomed to. On this Thursday night, the greasers from The Outsiders, the entire cast of characters from Pretty in Pink and Fast Times at Ridgemont High collided to what turned out as an 80's time warp in the west side of Grand Rapids.  Very rad, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

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