Feb 7, 2010

The Best Pork Buns in Town

The best pork buns in town

David Chang of Momofuku Noodle Bar NYC reinvented the Asian pork buns by serving it sandwich style as opposed to the traditional enclosed steamed bun. New Yorkers have been raving about these featherweight buns packed with pork belly, hoisin, spring onions and cucumbers. My friend, Jimmy Le, immediately told me about these buns after trying it last week, of all places, at the J Bar at The B.O.B. -  downtown Grand Rapids' entertainment building hosting multiple restaurant and venues.  Jimmy was invited by the B.O.B.'s general manager, Shane Philipsen, to try out the new menu items on the J Bar and Gilley's menu. 

Two days later, Jimmy and I, along with another friend, Don MacKenzie, ventured to Gilley's to try out the pork buns. Except for the painted sriracha on the plate, Gilley's pork buns is an exact replica of Momofuku's. So much for creativity, but let me tell you, the pork buns were fabulous. The dough was fluffy and not as doughy as most traditional buns served in Chinese restaurants. We also tried the Crispy Calamari with a Creamy Spicy Sauce and the Escargot with Chili-Garlic Butter and Grilled Ciabatta. We all agreed that the calamari had way too much batter and that it looked and tasted more like onion rings. The escargot was good but I would have preferred more garlic and less sauce. 

The J Bar (formerly Judson's Steakhouse) boasts a new and less expensive menu. So far, I've heard nothing but good reviews about the food. Jimmy thought the $12. steaks were an incredible value. This, I must experience myself, so I'm going to head back to the J Bar on Tuesday evening with my eleven year-old daughter for our date night after the school's Daddy-Daughter.  Keep those pork buns moist for us.

Escargot with Chili-Garlic Butter sauce
Crispy Calamari with Creamy Spicy Sauce


JR said...

Honest reviews are appreciated! Will try out the pork buns. Never had them before.

RDMEGR said...

I had the pork buns at Momofuku in New York. I am excited to know I can get them in GR. They are incredible.

My Hotel Life said...

RDMEGR - I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the pork buns. They were incredible.I am curious to get your opinion on how the BOB's version compare's to the original.

Gourmet Traveller said...

Pork buns!!! They look delicious. Left you an award on my blog ;)