Feb 17, 2010

The Best Filet of Beef in the City - Hands Down!

See that piece of USDA Prime Filet pictured above? That is the purest piece of meat you could find this side of the big lake. It has been months since my wife and I last visited The Grill at 1913 at the Amway Grand Plaza and I cannot tell you how much we realized how much we missed the personalize service, and most of all, the filet of beef. 

We like to try different things whenever we visit a restaurant. But we take exception from this culinary experimentation at The Grill. And it is not from lack of trying. It's just whenever we deviate from our three favorite items, we end up  second guessing ourselves. In the words of Edgar Allan Poe, "Nevermore!" At The Grill, we start with Mt. Veeder cabernet sauvignon while sharing the escargot with garlic butter. No other escargot dish can compare to this classic preparation. We follow that with the best ceasar salad in the city - crisp, cold romaine, just the right touch of garlic in the dressing and anchovy fillets (for me). And then, we top the experience with the filet of beef. Perfection!  

Ask for Denis Cerezo, the godfather of fine dining, and tell him you want to have the exact same thing. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Nevermore!