Jan 19, 2010

Tuesday Dinner - Singapore-Style Fried Noodles

Here's another one of my favorite street food - Singapore-Style Fried Noodles with Chinese sausage, curry, peppers, onions, carrots and topped with a fried egg. Stir-fry the vegetables and set aside. Do the same for the sausage. Soak the noodles in hot water for about a minute and cool. Once the noodles are cool, stir-fry the noodles in oil for a couple of minutes. Add some soy sauce, curry powder, chile peppers and salt and pepper. Toss the Chinese sausage and vegetables with the noodles. Transfer to individual bowls and top with a fried egg (optional).

My kids love this dish. The fantastic thing about it is the kids can take it for their school lunch tomorrow. I place the noodles in a Chinese to-go box and they are good to go. And don't forget the chopsticks. It sure beats the hell out of peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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