Jan 18, 2010

Sunday Dinner - Chinese Hot Pot

As much as we enjoy dining in fine restaurants and ethnic joints, nothing beats good comfort food at home. I have decided that I will spend this entire week making home cooked meals, and at the same time, spend quality time with the family. Nothing too fancy. Just simple meals the whole family will enjoy. Yes, there will be shuttle runs to dance classes for the girls and basketball for my son. But I'm just curious how this week will turn out if I made a conscious decision to cook each day for seven days.  There won't be any dinner plans with clients or friends. No pizza delivery orders or quick chicken meals from the grocery store. It's about making good food and family conversation. Simple.


I couldn't think of a more perfect family meal than Chinese hot pot on a cold winter night. It's fun, engaging and delicious all at the same time. I made a Chinese hot pot broth with sliced beef round steak, tofu, green peppers, napa cabbage, portobello mushrooms, baby corn and broccoli. I also grilled some of the steak slices and accompanied it with hoisin sauce, rice and kimchi. To my surprise, the kids devoured the tofu. It's amazing!

The whole family actually sat down around the table for more than an hour. A feat given everyone's schedule. There is no question that family dinners should always be this way.

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