Nov 29, 2009

Malta's Nightlife

Malta's nightlife is unique and exciting, with a large choice of venues in close proximity and offering a new clubbing experience from what you're used to back home. Nightlife in Malta consists mainly of clubs concentrated nearby St. Julian's (in the Central/North part of Malta), referred to as Paceville, and open air clubs that are particularly popular on Friday and Saturday nights.  Paceville (St. Julian’s area) offers a wide array of clubs and bars to suit most musical tastes. All clubs are concentrated in the center of Paceville and the area’s always full of party people on weekends and radiates with energy. There’s something for everyone: trance clubs, R&B and hip-hop joints, salsa bars and alternative/rock bars. Besides clubs you’ll also find other kinds of entertainment in Paceville, including Malta’s largest cinema, a bowling alley, sports bars and gentlemen’s clubs.

About the author:

Ruth Azzopardi is a Revenue and e-commerce Manager for a five star hotel in Malta. 

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