Nov 1, 2009

It's Time for Take Off!

It's time for take off ladies and gentlemen! My Hotel Life's "Around the World in 30 Days" begins today. We have a simple goal: let's see how many cities around the globe we can travel to on MHL in November.

Be a guest blogger by contributing a short blog entry about your favorite destination,  a holiday spot you enjoy going to, a favorite market, a must-experience restaurant or hotel - anything travel related will do. It could be near home or somewhere exotic. It doesn't matter. Accompany your 1-3 paragraph story with at least one photo (more is better, of course) and I will post your story on MHL. You are now a published blogger without the commitment. Now, that's a deal.

Okay, if you're too busy or not much of a writer, then send me photographs with captions and I will post it as part of a photo vignette blog entry. Simple.

There's no limit to how many stories or photo vignettes you send. Let's have fun and make the month of November the best travel month of the year.

Send your stories and photos to:

I can't wait to share everyone's experiences. Spread the word. Let's travel!

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