Nov 14, 2009

The Goei Center

Bing Goei needs no introduction in the Grand Rapids community. The CEO of Eastern Floral has committed his life to serving this community through his philanthropical and volunteer efforts. Bing has championed inclusion and diversity in this community by  passionately spreading his mission each and every day through his many speaking engagements and outreach events.

The grand opening of the Goei Center in the abandoned Kindel Furniture factory on Butterworth street paves the way for the first international center in Grand Rapids dedicated to providing minority and female owned businesses a home whose primary mission is inclusion and diversity. In addition to being its downtown headquarters for Eastern Floral, the Goei Center is also a wonderful space for hosting events up to 300 guests with the completion of its banquet center and even a studio space for resident artists.

As expected, the setting is stunning given the fact that less than a year ago, this facility was in shambles. Dreams do come true. Congratulations Bing and the entire Goei family.


Natasha Ohlman said...

Beautiful space. Look forward to seeing it in person!

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