Nov 27, 2009

Japanese Love Hotels

Over the past weekend, we celebrated our one year anniversary of living abroad in Okinawa

It's been a fast and crazy year with all the big changes in our daily lives-- driving on the left side of the road, learning Japanese, and discovering 100 yen stores, but it's been fun too.

One of the funny things we remember about moving to our apartment last year was that we happened to find ourselves in a peculiar part of town. During the day, it's your average hillside island community with gorgeous vistas of the ocean and cool breezes.  

Imagine our surprise to discover at night, the neon comes out full force! That's right, we found ourselves living smack in the middle of Love Hotel Alley. 

What are love hotels? Fascinating places really as we learned from our investigation. We toured our neighborhood and made this video of our favorites along with some cultural information about them. It should be clarified these are our "favorites" from the outside only. We have yet to pay our hourly charge and actually go inside! 

About the author:

Mary Richardson is the woman behind one of my favorite travel blogs: Mary and Sean's Adventure Abroad. She and her husband, Sean, are expats living in Okinawa, Japan.

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