Oct 11, 2009

A Painting Won! A Painting Won!

To everyone's surprise, Ran Ortner's Open Water no. 24 won the $250,000 first prize for the inaugural ArtPrize competiton in Grand Rapids. I was certain that the one of the large sculptures on the river would win it. But, I'm glad that my choice won the event.

It's quite the upset to see a painting top the ballots. I'm also very pleased, that in the end, visitors to ArtPrize selected the work of a non-local artist. As much as I would love to see a Grand Rapids artist win it all, having a NY artist win it adds some credibility to the public vote competition.

I was bummed when Young Kim's Salt & Earth didn't crack the top ten. However, it was announced yesterday that Kim's piece was awarded the $5,000 curator's choice award.

ArtPrize II is already set for the same time in 2010. It is already predicted that at least 3,000 artists will participate; more than doubling this year's entries. There is no question in my mind that ArtPrize is the best thing that ever happened to Grand Rapids.

Imagine That! won $100,000 for 2nd place.

Eric Daigh's push pin Portraits won $50,000 for third place


Steven Adkins said...

Absolutely amazing. Truly incredible how creative we can be. Thanks for the post

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