Sep 6, 2009

"Month of Living" - A look back

I took a five day sabbatical from blogging after my highly satisfying "Month of Living." I want to thank blogger friend, Mary Richardson of Okinawa, Japan, for giving me the inspiration to pursue the challenge. The month of August could have come and gone like a typical summer month, but due to my "Month of Living" blog challenge, it has to be the most gratifying month so far this year.

An endearing former President of the Philippines and the patriarch of an American political dynasty passed away. Obama took on the very controversial healthcare bill. While these events took place, I rekindled an old friendship, finished a half-read book, made pho from scratch, enjoyed a luxury weekend in Chicago with my wife and even embarked on a new blog (which will go live this coming week).

I learned that there's a lot more to life than just doing the routine and expected. A creative outlet is necessary if one is to live a fulfilled life. The blog lives on.

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