Sep 27, 2009

A Moment in Life Worth Stopping For

After experiencing the largest crowd ever gathered in downtown Grand Rapids for ArtPrize this afternoon, my wife and I noticed this small gathering of passerby's on Wealthy street just east of Diamond on our way home. I turned the car around because this is just one of those moments in life worth stopping for.

An African-American mother and her three children were walking on Wealthy street when they decided to take a seat for the outdoor concert. Several artsy-cafe types were also gathered for the free concert by Grand Rapids acoustic artist, Kate Pillsbury. A huge 7-Eleven sign and a free standing door with a mannequin peering through the opening served as the musician's backdrop. I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed the two old-school salon chairs included in this hodgepodge of seating pieces in the furniture city.

Now, this is what I call art at its purest form. A young artist singing in front of a small group of friends and strangers in a makeshift alleyway amphitheater, just steps from the center of the world's largest art prize competition. And you know what, Kate Pillsbury actually sounded pretty good.

Kate, you get my "thumbs up" vote!

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