Aug 23, 2009

Tour De Gaslight Village

I knew there was a bike race around our little neighborhood in East Grand Rapids, but I had no idea that today's event is an actual official BIKE RACE! Tour de Gaslight Village is a Michigan State Criterium race around an 8/10th of a mile area with four sharp left turns around our city of 10,000 residents.

Needless to say, I had to wait for the racers to pass to cross the street to get my usual illy coffee from Mary Anne's coffee shop. I chit chatted with friends Michael Lyman (The Wit Hotel Chicago) and GR Social Butterfly, Matt Sova, who were having drinks at Graydon's outdoor patio before reaching Mary Anne's.

I was very impressed to see this type of competition in our little town. My friend, Jen Crowley, who happened to be watching the race with her son, said that her friend was competing from Oregon! Not bad for GR. Not bad, at all.

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