Jul 20, 2009

Shopping and Dining in Downtown Rockford

My wife and I took or teenage daughter, Margaux, to downtown Rockford, Michigan, for a little one on one time and "girl" shopping. I was impressed with how this historic downtown 10 miles North of Grand Rapids has slowly transformed itself into a destination worth the drive from any point in West Michigan. 

While Rockford still has a long ways to go when it comes to dining spots, two newer restaurants are making noise: Reds on the River and the Grill One Eleven. Reds being the more refined of the two with a scenic view of the Rogue river from its gigantic outdoor deck. I love the slightly higher than cost pricing for its extensive wine list. Though I'm a bit irritated that Reds is not open on Sundays during the summer! Grill One Eleven is a casual restaurant with good American pub food. My reuben was fantastic. 

Jade and Paper Doll are the two retail outlets which are teenage and mom friendly. Jade is beautifully designed with a nice collection of niche clothing from kids "metal" onesies to high end designer jeans.

For more information on Downtown Rockford, click here.


Poetry at Jade

Motley Crue Onesie

Sidewalk Sale at Paper Doll

Fly Fishing
Rockford Dam

Red Warehouse Coop

Second Floor Canopy at Reds on the River


Liz Della Croce said...

I love Rockford! Growing up, my family had a cottage on Silver Lake and we spent many Summer afternoon's in downtown Rockford. The city has transformed quite a bit in the past few years but it's still a trip down memory lane every time I go back to visit. Don't forget the Corner Bar!

George Aquino said...

I like to corner bar, but we wanted to try a different joint. Grill One Eleven was not bad at all. I thought Jade was a really nice store fitting Lincoln Park in Chitown or Birmingham.