Jul 26, 2009

Filipino Style Baby Shower

Tahong (Mussels) with Vegetables

My wife and I attended a baby shower (yes, men were invited) yesterday for our good friend, Analou Opina Schoonmaker. I've been looking forward to this party for I knew that Analou's mother-in-law was going to go to town with the Filipino food. More importantly, I wanted to share in marking a milestone for my future god daughter.

The Menudo was my favorite, followed very closely by the pinakbet. It is times like these when I truly miss being home in the Philippines. Food has a magical way of connecting me to my childhood days and to the many food gatherings associated with it. It is quite ironic that the Filipino food I never really cared for when I was a child have become more endearing to my palette as I get older. Staples like bagoong (shrimp paste), pinakbet, tahong, kare-kare, or even my cholesterol infused favorite - lechon kawali (roasted and deep fried pork belly) - weren't exactly in my food vocabulary. However, you would never find me holding back when these items are in front of me these days. My only hope is that my American born children grow up to have the same affection for Filipino food as me.

Does food transport you back to your childhood?

Mongo Guisado (Mung Beans)

Pork Menudo

Chicken BBQ

Guisadong Ampalaya

Lumpia (Egg Rolls)

Pansit (Rice Noodles)

Chicken Adobo

Pinakbet (Vegetable Stew)


Jeetha said...

I would agree with you about food taking you back to childhood. Many of the indian dishes that make me miss India were once foods that I stayed away from as a child and now crave often. I am sure that your children one day will grow to love the food that is part of their culture, it just takes time.

Pete Brand said...

This really makes me realize how limited we are here with American Cuisine. Heck if I were to display my culinary choices growing up it would be limited to fish sticks, and cream of tuna on a rusk. :)

Katrina said...

Oh, George. *sniff* I miss you crazy kids like crazy. :-( Send my love to everybody!

George Aquino said...

Katz, as much as we're so happy for you to be back home, we sure miss you here in GR. Your presence was greatly missed last Saturday.

George Aquino said...

Pete, cream of tuna on a rusk sounds gourmet! Never heard of it. Thanks for reading my blog.

Unknown said...

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