Jun 16, 2009

JW Chef School: Chicago Cook-Off

I receieved an email today from Jim Keane, President of Steelcase North America, thanking the JW Team, particularly the JW Chef School Team, of the highly successful team building concept the hotel introduced this Spring. In less than three months, the JW and Steelcase have hosted over a dozen JW Chef School events for their top clients worldwide.

The concept is simple: invite non-cooks (designers, project managers, salespeople) to a "meeting," but instead of the usual corporate meeting, surprise them with a cook-off a la Food Network's Iron Chef show. Divide the group into two teams, choose a name and a captain, and let them go at it inside the JW's "Kitchen Stadium." The result is a fun-filled and memorable team building event. Check out the attached link Steelcase's customer from Chicago sent Steelcase as a thank you.

To book your JW Chef School event, call Phil Weaver at 616-242-1500 or email at phil.weaver@jwgr.com. View more photos of JW Chef School at flickr.com.

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