May 27, 2009

My Favorite Old World Wine in the World: Chateau Musar

My French brother-in-law, Raph Blot, gets credit for introducing me to the fascinating Lebanese wine, Chateau Musar. My family and I were celebrating Christmas at Raph and my sister's house in Hong Kong, when out of nowhere, this proud Frenchman and former Bordeaux snob, whips out a bottle of Lebanese wine! To my surprise, Chateau Musar over-delivered beyond my expectation. A few years later, Raph and I, along with our spouses, experienced a vertical tasting of three vintages of Musar at Aureole in Las Vegas. Along with new wine friends, Frank and Betzie Duncan, the three of us tried the 2000 Musar at Mixology at the JW this evening. 

So after three tastings, here's my take on Chateau Musar. The bottle I tasted in Hong Kong (sorry wine snobs, I forgot the vintage) reminded me of a true Bordeaux style wine with a dominant cabernet nose, while the vertical tastings of the '89,'90, and '91 tasting in Vegas reminded me of a fine Burgundy. The 2000 we tasted this evening was mellow with subtle hints of fresh picked cherries and earth from the Southern Rhone. Just like a fine marriage, no matter what age (or which grape shows up), I just can't resist the mysterious character of Chateau Musar. I just love it regardless. 

Read more about the amazing history of Chateau Musar by visiting its website. Better yet, stop by at the and JW try a bottle for yourself.

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