Apr 13, 2009

The Suite Spa Cart at The JW Marriott Grand Rapids

I was so thrilled to see the USA Today publish an article on The Suite Spa Cart at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids last Friday, April 10, 2009. The Suite Spa cart was the creation of the husband and wife team of Victor and Vickie Bennett, the operators of the Vasaio Life Spa inside the JW. It is quite a simple concept (just like all great ideas!). Why limit yourself to a massage in your guest room when you can literally have the spa brought up to your room? There are three things that I love about this concept - 1. It is simple for the therapist to transport the cart and the massage table (which connects to the cart). 2. The guests can have more service options - from manicures, pedicures, facials to a full body massage. 3. If you're like me, I just want to slide into my hotel bed for a long nap after a massage and not worry about getting dressed and then trooping myself through the hotel lobby to get back to my room. Now that's what I call "room service." 

The great news...the JW Marriott Grand Rapids might be the first to introduced the Suite Spa, but Vasaio is offering franchising opportunities for their Vasaio Life Spa and Suite Spa Cart concepts. This is a concept all luxury hotels should offer as a standard spa amenity to its valuable guests. 

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