Apr 22, 2009

Solace Magazine - Forming the Future

I love sexy magazines about design, architecture, fashion, food, travel and business. And believe me when I tell you that my wife is about ready to throw my collection of half-read magazines scattered all over the house out the window. Magazines on my  night stand, on the dining table, in our laundry room, on my desk in the basement, in the back basement bookshelf, in my closet, in the guest bathroom. Add to that the magazines in my "murse" and in my car door compartment - I just love 'em all! Now, I can also tell you that I have only finished one book this year and that's fine by me. Looking at black text just doesn't suit me. I'm a scanner of anything beautiful. I need color, pictures, and squiggly lines all over the place.

Do you remember how it felt to show off your first car to everyone you knew? Well, I had a similar sensation after I received my copy of the Spring/Summer issue of Solace Magazine this afternoon (and I'm not exaggerating, either). Solace is a beautifully designed magazine published by Amway Hotel Collection under the leadership of our Corporate Director of Marketing, Chad Leroux, and the phenomenal designers at Plenty Creative in Grand Rapids. And this latest issue redefines the magazine as a truly world-class magazine. Eighty-eight pages of glossy layouts filled with fascinating features on the "greening" of West Michigan, the people who are making it happen and a convincing pull-out section on why the future is landing in West Michigan RIGHT NOW. 

The beauty of this magazine is it doesn't scream "hotel advertising" like most branded hotel magazines. In fact, I would categorize this pub as a true representation on what the region is all about and what it is slowly, but steadily, transforming itself. From a former manufacturing state into a creative oasis for medical research, green initiatives and an art mecca for mid-size cities. It's an exciting time in West Michigan and the latest issue of Solace Magazine puts a much deserved exclamation point to the region's rebirth.

As I write this entry, my copy of Solace Mag is proudly displayed on my coffee table in the living room alongside Metropolis, Surface, Dwell, Travel and Leisure and Saveur magazines, to name a few. Not bad for "little 'ol GR." Not bad, at all.

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