Apr 7, 2009

Le 404, Paris

My mother, who resides in Paris, has a way of discovering magical places beyond the pages of tourist books. She has a way of sniffing out unique food havens and one of a kind shops wherever she is in the world. Le 404, a Moroccan restaurant located in the Marais, is no exception. Le 404 is tucked away in what appears to be an alley, surrounded by lifeless Chinese garment shops and discount stores. My family and I have made it a ritual to pilgrimage its humble abode every time we are in Paris. 

The aromas of turmeric, saffron, sun-dried tomatoes, cumin and mint sucks you in the moment you enter the restaurant. A small open kitchen filled with tagines welcomes you on the left and a quaint bar is off to your right. The centerpiece is the warmly decorated dining room with stone walls and soft lighting to match the perfect ambiance. The best table in the house is located on a small loft which overlooks the dining room below. 

The food at Le 404 is straightforward Moroccan comfort food. The lamb cous cous is to die for. My favorite dish is the Tagine Poulet Citron with Olives. You cannot end the evening without trying its piping hot mint tea. Located at 69, rue des Gravilliers, in the 3rd arrondissment. Metro: Arts et Metier.

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Gourmet Traveller said...

Le 404 is one of my favorite restaurants in Paris and my weekend hangout in the early 90's when I lived there. The killer cocktails, good food and chic ambience always make it a fun evening.