Apr 7, 2009

The JW Chef School

Here's the scoop... gather a group of professionals - designers, bankers, sales people - tell them that the annual strategy meeting is at the JW. Then hit them with the big surprise! Instead of another meeting, the team is going to be competing in a cook off with each other - Iron Chef Style. Welcome to the JW Chef School. Forget the whiteboards and powerpoints. Don an apron, arm yourself with some kitchen knives and cook away like your life is depending on it - because you and your teammates will be eating everything that you make. 

This is the new team building exercise. No culinary experience necessary. You will be guaranteed a big surprise at the end. The JW Chef School - where we leave the cooking up to you. 

Contact: Phil Weaver at The JW Marriott Grand Rapids. Telephone 616.242.1500. Email phil.weaver@jwgr.com

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