Apr 8, 2009

Cav Wine Shop and Cafe, Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

Place: Cav Wine Shop and Cafe, Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

Vibe: The "it" restaurant in 2008. Excellent wines by the glass including first & second growth Bordeaux's. Minimalist yet colorful setting.

Eat: Contemporary flavors with top-notch presentations.

Must Have: Beet Salad and the Pork Belly.

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Anonymous said...

i has a business meeting there about a month ago and i ordered their set menu. the salmon was not cooked, i swear it was still frozen inside, so i asked them to redo it. it came back later and it was still the same!!! yukkk!! i canceled the order, i was so pissed! i even had then chef come to our table, but i guess it was just the sous chef and he just apologized, he was a white boy i guess that they imported from somewhere, i wonder if he actually went to culinary school!! service sucks in that place!! i will never go back there again!! i used to go there frequently, but now its never gonna be on my list!!!